At Willard UMC, our mission is to connect people to Jesus Christ. Through worship, small groups, and service we connect to Jesus and to each other.

Our church family is a wonderful and caring community of faith. We gather regularly to celebrate God, to share lives rooted in God’s presence, so that we become transformed people, helping to transform our community and our world.

At Willard UMC our mission is to:

“Connect People to Jesus Christ”.

At Willard UMC we seek to:

  • Practice Radical Hospitality
  • Offer Meaningful Worship
  • Promote Intentional Faith Development
  • Engage in Risk-Taking Mission & Service
  • Exemplify Extravagant Generosity

At Willard UMC our vision is to:

The vision of Willard United Methodist Church is to be an outwardly focused church, living out Jesus’ call to be salt and light in our community. It is our desire to share God’s story of grace and love, that people can connect with Jesus and whole-heartedly follow him.

At Willard UMC we dream to be:

  • A place of radical hospitality where people do not feel judged, but do feel welcomed to journey with us, as we also are seeking a life transforming relationship with Jesus.
  • A place of passionate worship, where we are not ashamed to lift up the name of Jesus and people can encounter God’s presence through worship that honors God and draws people to Jesus.
  • A place where people can deepen their spiritual development and are encouraged to live out their faith in community, hear God’s call on their life and are ignited to serve in significant ministry.
  • A place where people are burdened for the spiritual development of young people and are seeking to help them grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus and live their lives centered on him.
  • A place of risk taking service and extravagant generosity, where the people have Jesus’ heart for the hurting in our community and are his hands and feet in ministering to their needs.
  • We believe that the Spirit is upon us, and that just as God sent Jesus into the world, Jesus is sending us with this vision, that his glory will be revealed in our lives and his kingdom will come on earth.

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