The Spirit


Ever wonder what Jesus was taught to pray as a child? Here’s one translation of 3 parts of a traditional prayer he would have said every morning:

Prayer was an integral of Jesus’ life from early childhood.  Prayer permeated his family life and culture. Do you see the connections to the Lord’s Prayer? Especially in the last line of the third prayer.  At the same time, do you see the differences?   These prayers do not address God as Father, though that was not unknown in Jesus time.

Try saying these prayers or the Lord’s prayer daily for 30 days.  Put them into your own words if that is more comfortable for you. See what difference it makes in your heart, your attitude, your relationships with God and others.   I firmly believe that planting the mustard seed of a few minutes of prayer in your life will produce a harvest richer than you can imagine.

See you Sunday as we look at the petition “Give us this day our daily bread”,

Pastor Jeff